3 “New” Superfoods You Should Add to Your Diet

As I’m sure you know by now, there are foods out there that are considered “Super Foods.” A few of the more common ones are blueberries, spinach, salmon, turkey, broccoli, tomatoes, walnuts, olive oil, etc. But, did you know that there are several other Super Foods that you may have never heard of but are just as important to your diet? Here are three of these foods that you should try to incorporate into your diet when possible.


Sprouts are an amazing food. They’ve been used by the Chinese for thousands of years for their health benefits. The mung bean, from China, has an amazing amount of nutrition. It has the same levels of thiamin as an avocado, the Vitamin A level of a lemon, the same amount of carbs as melon and the ascorbic acid levels equivalent of a logan berry. In addition to that great news, the mung bean sprout also has the same amount of riboflavin as a dried apple and the equivalent levels of niacin as a banana. Do you want more good news? Sprouts have been shown to be strong antioxidants and can help prevent cancer.

You can get sprouts year round. They aren’t affected by the seasons. This makes them a great all-year source of B-vitamins, beta carotene and vitamin C. Additionally, beans that have been sprouted have 2.5 times higher levels of Vitamin A than the dry beans.

Sprouts are super easy to add to your daily diet. Throw them on a sandwich, in a taco, on a salad, in a smoothie, anywhere you can use extra greens. You will benefit greatly from the addition of this super food into your daily diet. The Truth About Abs Download has a ton more information on sprouts and their benefits.

Goji Berries

Another Chinese food, Goji berries have long been known to offer liver protection, eyesight improvement, increase sperm count, bolster the immune system, improve your circulation and other healthy benefits.

You can add these berries to your diet by tossing them into a salad, cooking them into a sauce, making a juice or making a tea out of them. I love them the most in salads. They offer a bright, crunchy, acidic note that is super tasty.

Acai Berries

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Acai berry by now. If you haven’t, then you’ve been able to avoid the onslaught of marketing that’s been associated with this berry for the last 5 years.

That being said, they’ve been marketing it like crazy for good reason: it’s awesome for you! It’s loaded with all sorts of vitamins and amino acids. According to the Truth About Abs Download, acai contains oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. It also contains beta-sitosterol which has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

As for amino acids, acai has been found to have 19 of them. As for polyphenols and antioxidants, acai is bursting with them. These high levels of amino acids and antioxidants are excellent for warding off ailments such as cancer, heart disease, etc. Acai levels are so high, in fact, that they’ve been shown to be at least 10 times higher than those of cranberries and blueberries. That’s huge!

So, how do you add it to your diet? I can tell you this: don’t be fooled by all of the “Acai” supplements out there. Anyone that tries to sell you a pill claiming that it will make you skinny is a liar. There are Acai juices that you can buy. Always make sure you get 100% Acai juice if you’re going to go this route. You can also find frozen Acai berries at some of the better grocery stores. If you can get these, throw them in with some oatmeal for a super healthy super meal!

It doesn’t matter how you get these foods into your diet but you should definitely try to get them in. For more information about these and other Super Foods, check out the Truth About Abs Free today.