Pistachio Nutrition

Do you like pistachios? Do you wish you could eat them more often but choose not to because they are too fattening? Did you know that pistachios are actually loaded with healthy fats that help you burn fat and lose weight? It’s true! Contrary to popular misconceptions, pistachios are actually very good for you and can help you lose weight.

At some point in your life you probably ate some of those oddly-colored, reddish pistachios that would turn your fingers red. Do you remember eating those? I sure do. I ate a ton as a kid and that’s what I always associated with when I thought of pistachios. I thought there wasn’t any way I could eat pistachios and lose weight. Fortunately, I read the Truth About Abs Free Download and discovered how wrong I was.

Not only can I eat pistachios on a regular basis but I can actually use them to help me burn off my belly fat.

The Truth About Abs Free Download

We all know that walnuts, almonds and pecans are awesome for you and should be a part of your diet. If you have trouble getting those nuts in because they aren’t your favorite, then you’re in luck! Pistachios can be switched in for those other nuts giving you a healthy and tasty alternative.

Did you know that a single one-ounce serving of green pistachios is loaded with over thirty minerals and vitamins? From reading the truth about abs free download, I discovered it’s true and it’s a great reason to add these tasty super-nuts to your diet.

Eating nuts is a great way to get a good amount of minerals that you might not normally get from your body. As people eat more and more processed foods, they are having a harder time consuming the proper amounts of vitamins and minerals that they need on a daily basis. Just a small handful of nuts each day will help you address this deficit.

TAAFDWhat I discovered about pistachios when reading the Truth About Abs Download was that they are loaded with nutrients and minerals such as manganese, copper, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.

Manganese is good for you because it helps with your skeletal and connective tissues. It is also key to your reproductive systems, growth and fat and carb burning. This means that eating pistachios can help you burn fat.

Copper is also required for healthy connective tissue and it is loaded with enzymes that control and regulate biochemical processes within your body.

Dentists love phosphorus because it helps build strong teeth and bones. It is also a critical nutrient to consume when battling osteoporosis.

Potassium helps regulate the acidic levels in your body, build muscle and metabolize carbs.

Magnesium is great for your heart and for keeping your blood pressure low.

But that’s not all that is great about pistachios!

They are loaded with B vitamins! B vitamins are great for building muscle, maintaining a good mood, transmitting nerves and keeping your immune system healthy.

Additionally, according to the Truth About Abs Free Download, they are very high in protein which is why they are such a satisfying treat.

Want antioxidants? Pistachios have them! They actually rank in the group of foods with the highest levels of antioxidants. This includes blueberries and spinach! Consuming a high level of antioxidants ensures that your immune system stays high and that your body is effectively able to fight free radicals.

Bad eyesight? Pistachios can help. They have a good amount of lutein which helps to prevent eye diseases and the degeneration of your eyesight.

What about fiber? I learned in the Truth About Abs Free Download that a serving of pistachios has as much fiber as a single serving of healthy oatmeal! This keeps you full longer which will stop you from grazing later.

All nuts are good sources of fiber. In addition to helping with your digestive system, fiber helps regulate your blood sugar, fight cancer and keep you full. The population today doesn’t get nearly as much fiber as they need and adding a serving of pistachios each day will help you reach your fiber minimums.

Pistachios are loaded with healthy fats too. Because of the powerful levels of healthy fats, protein and fiber in pistachios, it’s easy to eat a small amount and feel satisfied. Obviously, you don’t want to eat a whole pile of pistachios due to their high caloric value but, due to all of the things we just mentioned, it is very hard to overeat these treats because they fill you up quickly. Also, the work involved with eating them means that you eat them slower and, therefore, can’t fill up on them as quickly.

When you choose to purchase pistachios at the store, follow the advice of the Truth About Abs Free Download and look for organic, unsalted nuts. These tend to be the healthiest and the tastiest.

Just remember, adding pistachios to your diet is a great way to add a ton of additional nutrients, proteins, vitamins and healthy fats. Try to eat a small handful each day. You’ll love the fact that you get to feel like you’re cheating on your diet while actually filling your body with one of the healthiest foods available.

For more information about pistachios and other great diet foods, check out the truth about abs download. You’ll find tons of great information on pistachios and all of the foods that you should be eating in order to lose weight, build muscle and live a healthy life.

Burn Fat by Eating Vegetables

As I was reading through the Truth About Abs Download I came across some information that was brand new to me: there are vegetables that can actually help you burn fat. These veggies are loaded with specific phytonutrients which will enable you to burn stomach fat.

I’ll try to explain what I learned about these specific veggies and compounds from The Truth About Abs Free Download as it was quite an eye-opening read for me.

truth about abs downloadWhat I learned is there are chemicals and compounds within our food chain and the surrounding environment. These may be herbicides or pesticides. They may also be petrochemicals. Petrochemicals come from all sorts of places but specifically from manmade sources. They can come from plastic, makeup, cleaners (both industrial and household) and pollution (water and air). The scientific name for these chemicals is “xenoestrogens.” These xenoestrogens react with your body in a negative way and cause you to store extra fat around your belly. Expose yourself to enough of these xenoestrogens and you’re looking at serious health problems.

What happens when you’re exposed to these xenoestrogens is they cause an effect that is known as estrogenic. This estrogenic effect causes hormonal imbalances in both sexes. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible for us to avoid these xenoestrogens due to the fact that they come from sources we encounter daily. Regardless of whether you’re male or female, these xenoestrogens can have a highly negative effect on your body. Over time, continued exposure to xenoestrogens can cause your body to store excess abdominal fat as well as increase your risk for cancer and other diseases.

So, how do you counter the destructive effects of these xenoestrogens? The answer is by eating a specific type of vegetable.

The Truth About Abs Download taught me that vegetables that are from the cruciferous family are extremely effective in ridding our bodies of these manmade toxins. These vegetables help cleanse your body of the toxins and burn stubborn stomach fat.

Which vegetables are cruciferous?

According to the Truth About Abs Free Download cruciferous vegetables are cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, kale, bok choy, brussels sprouts and others. They contain phytonutrients that fight the estrogenic compounds contained in xenoestrogens. This reduction in belly fat is just one more reason to eat your broccoli.

If you are serious about losing belly fat and getting healthy, choosing a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables is a step in the right direction. The Truth About Abs Download provides you with many more great tips and strategies like this one.

Check out The Truth About Abs Download today and see how you can really start to burn fat and gain muscle. If you follow Mike’s plan, you’ll be on the road to six pack abs before you know it.

Good luck and good eating!

Truth About Abs Download: Wu-Tea Facts Revealed

If you’ve been following all of the new diet fads/crazes over the past few years then you’ve surely noticed all of the marketing that’s been done to promote wu-teas, slimming teas, green tea diets, etc. These teas all claim to be able to miraculously cure your weight problems just by drinking a few glasses a day. Like many diet fads out there, drinking tea to lose weight seems too good to be true. As they say, “if it seems too good to be true, it usually is.”

So what’s the deal with these teas? Do they actually work? Will you lose weight? Let’s dive a little deeper…

After doing a little research on some of the more popular teas out there, I’ve come to the conclusion that most of these teas are basically just oolong tea with a pretty package.

According to wikipedia, oolong tea is a traditional style of Chinese tea. It is produced through a process that involves drying the tea leaves out under intense sunlight and creating a high level of oxidation before twisting the leaves and packaging the tea for consumption. There’s a little more to it than that but, essentially, oolong is a style of tea and was never developed specifically to aid in weight loss. However, as we all know, marketers are always looking to exploit the next product about which Americans know nothing and sell it as a weight loss miracle cure.

The good news is that oolong tea, like all tea from tea leaves (green, black, earl grey, lipton, etc) is high in antioxidants AND, like all products with caffeine, it will provide a temporary boost in your metabolism. However, you’d have to consume tremendous amounts of tea before you could actually raise your metabolism enough to make a difference. At that point you’d be in danger of overloading your kidneys and causing them to fail. Never a good idea!

So, should you consider adding tea to a diet whose goal is to lose weight? According to the Truth About Abs Download, the answer is, “yes”.

Green tea, black tea, oolong and any of the teas that are made from tea leaves (not chamomile, lavender, sleepy time, herbal teas, etc) are excellent sources of antioxidants and should be a part of any balanced diet. The levels of antioxidants are similar to that of blueberries and spinach. Add to that the fact that they do slightly increase your metabolism and teas are an important component to your daily diet.

However, if you’re looking to tea to provide you with miracle weight loss, you’re looking in the wrong place. These so-called fat burning teas are just scams. You’d be better off purchasing tea in bulk from CostCo or your local grocery store. Don’t waste your money on the weight loss teas at GNC or other vitamin stores and definitely don’t spend your money on the online tea scams that seem to be everywhere.

If you really want to lose weight, I suggest following the Truth About Abs Download program and incorporating tea into your daily diet. The antioxidant properties alone are worth the addition of this great drink.

I love to brew up a double strength cup of green or black tea and then pour it over ice. It’s a great, refreshing drink, and it sure beats drinking soda (which we all know is one of the worst things you can put in your body).

For more info on teas, weight loss and how to live a healthy, productive life, I recommend you check out the Truth About Abs Download today. It’s an awesome program and, if you follow it, you’ll notice amazing gains in your physique and life in general.

How to Refuel After Your Workout

One of the things I really love about the Truth About Abs Free Download is all of the information that Mike Geary includes regarding exercise nutrition. He discusses nutrition pre-workout, during your workout and post-workout. As I continue to read through and follow his system, I must say that I’ve really benefitted from his information regarding post-workout nutrition.

In the past, I would go to the gym, workout really hard and then go home. I’d usually drink some water, take a shower and then think about refueling my body’s depleted energy stores. By the time I finally got around to eating, it had often been longer than an hour since I quit working out. What I didn’t realize was that this was hurting my body’s recovery process.

You see, your body is craving nutrition to help it rebuild and repair the muscles immediately after a workout. What I was doing was depriving my body of this nutrition and, in effect, stunting my recovery and growth. Once I started following the Truth About Abs Free Download, I realized the damage I was doing and immediately changed my habits.

So, what did I learn from the Truth About Abs Free Download and how did I alter my habits? I learned that immediately following an intense workout, your body goes into a state referred to as catabolic. This means that your glycogen is depleted and your cortisol is raised. These factors break down your muscle tissue in a negative way. I was letting this happen without even realizing it.

I didn’t realize that if I would just consume something that digested quickly like a smoothie or a ready-made shake I could stop this breakdown of my muscle tissue and promote muscle repair.

So, what I started doing, thanks to info I learned in Mike’s the Truth About Abs Free Download, was start consuming pre-made protein shakes that I purchased at my local vitamin store as soon as I finished my workout. I was looking for something that had 3 or 4 times the amount of carbs as protein. This is the recommended balance of carbs to protein for optimal recovery post-workout. I would just carry one of these with me to the gym and, as soon as I got in my car, I would drink it.

Wow, what a difference this made in my recovery. My muscle fatigue was dramatically decreased – I was still sore but I wasn’t as tired or sluggish as I had been. I also found that I had more energy the next time I worked out. I didn’t fatigue as quickly.

Since I don’t always plan ahead as well as I should, I will occasionally run out of my ready to drink shakes. When this occurs, I’ll go straight home from the gym and, instead of showering first, I’ll go to my blender and throw in some fruit, milk, ice and protein powder. I’ll blend it up and immediately drink it. This is a little bit more work but it works just as well as long as I drink it within 30 minutes to an hour after my workout (ideally, I’ll get it in within 30 minutes).

As you can see, the Truth About Abs Free Download is full of great tips. This one tip alone has had dramatic results on my workout recovery. I can’t stress enough how important this post-workout meal is to your recovery. For more great tips like this one, check out the Truth About Abs Free Download today.

Best of luck!

3 “New” Superfoods You Should Add to Your Diet

As I’m sure you know by now, there are foods out there that are considered “Super Foods.” A few of the more common ones are blueberries, spinach, salmon, turkey, broccoli, tomatoes, walnuts, olive oil, etc. But, did you know that there are several other Super Foods that you may have never heard of but are just as important to your diet? Here are three of these foods that you should try to incorporate into your diet when possible.


Sprouts are an amazing food. They’ve been used by the Chinese for thousands of years for their health benefits. The mung bean, from China, has an amazing amount of nutrition. It has the same levels of thiamin as an avocado, the Vitamin A level of a lemon, the same amount of carbs as melon and the ascorbic acid levels equivalent of a logan berry. In addition to that great news, the mung bean sprout also has the same amount of riboflavin as a dried apple and the equivalent levels of niacin as a banana. Do you want more good news? Sprouts have been shown to be strong antioxidants and can help prevent cancer.

You can get sprouts year round. They aren’t affected by the seasons. This makes them a great all-year source of B-vitamins, beta carotene and vitamin C. Additionally, beans that have been sprouted have 2.5 times higher levels of Vitamin A than the dry beans.

Sprouts are super easy to add to your daily diet. Throw them on a sandwich, in a taco, on a salad, in a smoothie, anywhere you can use extra greens. You will benefit greatly from the addition of this super food into your daily diet. The Truth About Abs Download has a ton more information on sprouts and their benefits.

Goji Berries

Another Chinese food, Goji berries have long been known to offer liver protection, eyesight improvement, increase sperm count, bolster the immune system, improve your circulation and other healthy benefits.

You can add these berries to your diet by tossing them into a salad, cooking them into a sauce, making a juice or making a tea out of them. I love them the most in salads. They offer a bright, crunchy, acidic note that is super tasty.

Acai Berries

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about Acai berry by now. If you haven’t, then you’ve been able to avoid the onslaught of marketing that’s been associated with this berry for the last 5 years.

That being said, they’ve been marketing it like crazy for good reason: it’s awesome for you! It’s loaded with all sorts of vitamins and amino acids. According to the Truth About Abs Download, acai contains oleic acid, palmitic acid and linoleic acid. It also contains beta-sitosterol which has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.

As for amino acids, acai has been found to have 19 of them. As for polyphenols and antioxidants, acai is bursting with them. These high levels of amino acids and antioxidants are excellent for warding off ailments such as cancer, heart disease, etc. Acai levels are so high, in fact, that they’ve been shown to be at least 10 times higher than those of cranberries and blueberries. That’s huge!

So, how do you add it to your diet? I can tell you this: don’t be fooled by all of the “Acai” supplements out there. Anyone that tries to sell you a pill claiming that it will make you skinny is a liar. There are Acai juices that you can buy. Always make sure you get 100% Acai juice if you’re going to go this route. You can also find frozen Acai berries at some of the better grocery stores. If you can get these, throw them in with some oatmeal for a super healthy super meal!

It doesn’t matter how you get these foods into your diet but you should definitely try to get them in. For more information about these and other Super Foods, check out the Truth About Abs Free today.

Trans Fats: The Good and the Bad

Did you know that there along with bad trans fats there are good trans fats? It’s true! It seems that all we’ve been hearing about for the last 10 years is how bad trans fats are for you with no mention of the fact that some trans fats are actually good for you.

We all know the dangers of bad trans fats: cancer, weight gain, heart disease, childhood obesity, diabetes, etc. But, some trans fats actually encourage muscle gain and fat loss. They’ve even been shown to have preventative qualities when it comes to cancer.

So, what’s causes the difference? We do!

Man made trans fats are just flat out terrible for your body. They are the cause of many of the health challenges facing our society today. They are loaded into processed food, fast food and all of the other garbage food out there. If your diet is high in trans fats, you may as well go ahead and smoke crack as well because you’re doing the same amount of damage. You can directly link the introduction of man made trans fats into the American diet and the prominence of heart disease as one of the main killers in our society.

So, let’s discuss the two types of trans fat and see where you can benefit from avoiding, or embracing, these widely misunderstood types of fat.

First, let’s start of with the trans fat that is bad for you:

These are the trans fats that are made by man. They were created in a lab somewhere and added to your food because they are cheaper to use than real, natural fats. They include but are not limited to shortening, that tub of “butter” in your fridge called “margarine” and the partially hydrogenated oils. These oils are included in the majority of junk food, fast food and fried food.

To create these oils, scientists process them with chemicals such as hexane and high heat. Then they are pressurized and have a metal catalyst added. After that, the process is finished by deodorizing and bleaching the oil. When the oil is done being processed the regulations allow a small amount of the chemical solvent to remain. This means that you’re consuming hexane which is also in gasoline. It is completely unhealthy and the consumption of these oils have been disastrous for the health of our society.

The main way these oils damage your body is that they cause inflammation within your body. This inflammation causes your body to deposit cholesterol in your blood stream in an attempt to heal the walls of your blood vessels and arteries. The short way of looking at this is: eat hydrogenated oil – increase inflammation within your body – clog your arteries. This process is directly related to the explosion of heart disease in our country.

Hopefully, the government (who has their hands deep in the pockets of the companies that produce these oils) will one day realize the damage that this product causes and enact legislation to either ban it outright or at least require that there be a warning label included on packages containing these oils outlining the dangers of consuming them. This would be similar to the warnings they put on cigarette packages.

Since the uproar about the damage these products cause began, many companies have been switching to fats that allow them to label their products “trans fat free”. However, most of these products are just replacing that oil with another highly processed, man-made oil. In this case, your best alternative is to just stay away from these processed foods. The Truth About Abs Download has a ton of additional information on this subject.

Now for the trans fats that are good for you:

So, we know that there are bad trans fats and that they are man-made. So, where do these so-called good trans fats come from? The answer is…..from nature. Shocking, I know!

These trans fats come from animals with multiple stomachs like goats, sheep and cows. These animals chew grass and then digest it slowly through several steps in each of their stomachs. These are naturally occurring fats and the great news is that you get to eat tasty meat in order to get them.

The trick is to make sure you’re eating meat that has been grass fed and not meat that comes from factory farms. Factory farming provides animals with feed that isn’t what they normally eat. This includes corns, grains and soy. This unnatural fattening of the animals lowers the quality of the trans fats that they offer. It may be more expensive but grass-fed animals provide a much higher concentration of healthy fats for your body. Additionally, since you only need 4 ounces of red meat at a meal, it really isn’t that expensive to make the switch to grass fed beef or other meat.

Additionally, some companies are trying to capitalize on the natural trans fats market by selling man-made versions in pill form. Avoid these. What’s the point of replacing one man-made product with another? Just get your healthy trans fats from appropriately portioned, free range, grass-fed meat sources. It’s that easy. The Truth About Abs Download is a great resource for more information on this subject. You can visit them here:

the truth about abs download

Thanks for reading and keep fighting the good fight!

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Inside the Truth About Abs program, Mike will explain to you exactly what you need to do to burn off that extra fat so that you can finally see your abs. He also debunks a lot of the myths that are on the fitness market today: spot reduction, etc.

TAA: The Diet

In addition to teaching you how to get to your abs through exercise, the Truth About Abs Download will also teach you everything you need to know about your diet. You will be provided with detailed diet and meal plans that highlight all of the fat burning foods that you should be eating.

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In addition to all of the great information you’ll receive on food and nutrition, Mike is going to give you a guide with over 80 sample meals so that you are always able to stay on track.

TAA: The Summary

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