Burn Fat by Eating Vegetables

As I was reading through the Truth About Abs Download I came across some information that was brand new to me: there are vegetables that can actually help you burn fat. These veggies are loaded with specific phytonutrients which will enable you to burn stomach fat.

I’ll try to explain what I learned about these specific veggies and compounds from The Truth About Abs Free Download as it was quite an eye-opening read for me.

truth about abs downloadWhat I learned is there are chemicals and compounds within our food chain and the surrounding environment. These may be herbicides or pesticides. They may also be petrochemicals. Petrochemicals come from all sorts of places but specifically from manmade sources. They can come from plastic, makeup, cleaners (both industrial and household) and pollution (water and air). The scientific name for these chemicals is “xenoestrogens.” These xenoestrogens react with your body in a negative way and cause you to store extra fat around your belly. Expose yourself to enough of these xenoestrogens and you’re looking at serious health problems.

What happens when you’re exposed to these xenoestrogens is they cause an effect that is known as estrogenic. This estrogenic effect causes hormonal imbalances in both sexes. Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible for us to avoid these xenoestrogens due to the fact that they come from sources we encounter daily. Regardless of whether you’re male or female, these xenoestrogens can have a highly negative effect on your body. Over time, continued exposure to xenoestrogens can cause your body to store excess abdominal fat as well as increase your risk for cancer and other diseases.

So, how do you counter the destructive effects of these xenoestrogens? The answer is by eating a specific type of vegetable.

The Truth About Abs Download taught me that vegetables that are from the cruciferous family are extremely effective in ridding our bodies of these manmade toxins. These vegetables help cleanse your body of the toxins and burn stubborn stomach fat.

Which vegetables are cruciferous?

According to the Truth About Abs Free Download cruciferous vegetables are cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, kale, bok choy, brussels sprouts and others. They contain phytonutrients that fight the estrogenic compounds contained in xenoestrogens. This reduction in belly fat is just one more reason to eat your broccoli.

If you are serious about losing belly fat and getting healthy, choosing a diet rich in cruciferous vegetables is a step in the right direction. The Truth About Abs Download provides you with many more great tips and strategies like this one.

Check out The Truth About Abs Download today and see how you can really start to burn fat and gain muscle. If you follow Mike’s plan, you’ll be on the road to six pack abs before you know it.

Good luck and good eating!