Trans Fats: The Good and the Bad

Did you know that there along with bad trans fats there are good trans fats? It’s true! It seems that all we’ve been hearing about for the last 10 years is how bad trans fats are for you with no mention of the fact that some trans fats are actually good for you.

We all know the dangers of bad trans fats: cancer, weight gain, heart disease, childhood obesity, diabetes, etc. But, some trans fats actually encourage muscle gain and fat loss. They’ve even been shown to have preventative qualities when it comes to cancer.

So, what’s causes the difference? We do!

Man made trans fats are just flat out terrible for your body. They are the cause of many of the health challenges facing our society today. They are loaded into processed food, fast food and all of the other garbage food out there. If your diet is high in trans fats, you may as well go ahead and smoke crack as well because you’re doing the same amount of damage. You can directly link the introduction of man made trans fats into the American diet and the prominence of heart disease as one of the main killers in our society.

So, let’s discuss the two types of trans fat and see where you can benefit from avoiding, or embracing, these widely misunderstood types of fat.

First, let’s start of with the trans fat that is bad for you:

These are the trans fats that are made by man. They were created in a lab somewhere and added to your food because they are cheaper to use than real, natural fats. They include but are not limited to shortening, that tub of “butter” in your fridge called “margarine” and the partially hydrogenated oils. These oils are included in the majority of junk food, fast food and fried food.

To create these oils, scientists process them with chemicals such as hexane and high heat. Then they are pressurized and have a metal catalyst added. After that, the process is finished by deodorizing and bleaching the oil. When the oil is done being processed the regulations allow a small amount of the chemical solvent to remain. This means that you’re consuming hexane which is also in gasoline. It is completely unhealthy and the consumption of these oils have been disastrous for the health of our society.

The main way these oils damage your body is that they cause inflammation within your body. This inflammation causes your body to deposit cholesterol in your blood stream in an attempt to heal the walls of your blood vessels and arteries. The short way of looking at this is: eat hydrogenated oil – increase inflammation within your body – clog your arteries. This process is directly related to the explosion of heart disease in our country.

Hopefully, the government (who has their hands deep in the pockets of the companies that produce these oils) will one day realize the damage that this product causes and enact legislation to either ban it outright or at least require that there be a warning label included on packages containing these oils outlining the dangers of consuming them. This would be similar to the warnings they put on cigarette packages.

Since the uproar about the damage these products cause began, many companies have been switching to fats that allow them to label their products “trans fat free”. However, most of these products are just replacing that oil with another highly processed, man-made oil. In this case, your best alternative is to just stay away from these processed foods. The Truth About Abs Download has a ton of additional information on this subject.

Now for the trans fats that are good for you:

So, we know that there are bad trans fats and that they are man-made. So, where do these so-called good trans fats come from? The answer is…..from nature. Shocking, I know!

These trans fats come from animals with multiple stomachs like goats, sheep and cows. These animals chew grass and then digest it slowly through several steps in each of their stomachs. These are naturally occurring fats and the great news is that you get to eat tasty meat in order to get them.

The trick is to make sure you’re eating meat that has been grass fed and not meat that comes from factory farms. Factory farming provides animals with feed that isn’t what they normally eat. This includes corns, grains and soy. This unnatural fattening of the animals lowers the quality of the trans fats that they offer. It may be more expensive but grass-fed animals provide a much higher concentration of healthy fats for your body. Additionally, since you only need 4 ounces of red meat at a meal, it really isn’t that expensive to make the switch to grass fed beef or other meat.

Additionally, some companies are trying to capitalize on the natural trans fats market by selling man-made versions in pill form. Avoid these. What’s the point of replacing one man-made product with another? Just get your healthy trans fats from appropriately portioned, free range, grass-fed meat sources. It’s that easy. The Truth About Abs Download is a great resource for more information on this subject. You can visit them here:

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Thanks for reading and keep fighting the good fight!