The Truth About Energy Drinks

As you have probably noticed, the energy drink industry has exploded over the last 10 years. It seems like Red Bull came on the scene and then a thousand impostors followed suit. Now there are a few top brands (Red Bull, Monster, etc) that get the majority of the business.

With the explosion of this industry comes a few questions related to these drinks and their affect on the body:

    1. Do these drinks help you lose weight or do they cause you to get fat?

    2. Do these drinks actually increase your energy?

    3. Are these drinks good for you or not?

    4. What is the formula that supposedly gives you energy?

I did a bit of research through the Truth About Abs Download and I was surprised at what I discovered. Let’s break it down.

Of what ingredients do these energy drinks actually consist? Generally speaking, the majority of them consist of nothing more than soda water mixed with caffeine, taurine, high fructose corn syrup and whatever “flavorings” and fake vitamins they decide to include. By adding these “vitamins” the energy drink companies are hoping you’ll be fooled into thinking that they’re actually selling a healthy product.

Aside from the soda water and caffeine, these drinks contain some ingredients that are not so friendly to your waste line. As you may or may not know, high fructose corn syrup is not something you want to put into your body. It is a manmade corn sweetener that is cheaper than sugar and more damaging to your body than sugar. High fructose corn syrup will make you fat. It’s as simple as that. Not all energy drinks use HFCS but, for the most part, they all use a cheap, manmade sweetener that will blow up your gut. Always check the ingredients.

Even the “sugar-free” or “low-sugar” options are generally loaded with manmade chemicals that you shouldn’t be putting in your body. They may not cause you to gain weight but do you really want to put artificial chemicals whose sole-purpose for being created was to help companies make money by replacing real, natural ingredients with cheap manmade chemicals? I didn’t think so.

Another gripe the Truth About Abs Free Download has with so called low calorie drinks is that they give people the impression that, because they’re low calorie, they can be consumed as often as you please. This leads to tremendous amounts of over-consumption of these products which, regardless of what the labels say, will lead to weight gain over time. All that really matters, according to The Truth About Abs Free Download is that you avoid these artificial products whenever you can. They are bad for your body and will lead to weight gain.

Now, let’s discuss caffeine and what it does (and doesn’t do). Caffeine doesn’t actually provide what is technically considered energy. Scientifically speaking, energy can only come from fat, protein and carbs which have calories. This goes back to the common understanding that to lose weight you need to consume fewer calories than you burn. What caffeine does is stimulate your nervous system which provides that “boost” or “lift”. This increased alertness and heart rate seem like energy but they are really just an elevated sense of awareness.

If you want to get caffeine to increase your “energy” you should seek out natural forms of caffeine such as coffee or tea. Green tea is an especially healthy provider of caffeine and, in the Truth About Abs Free, Mike recommends adding it to your daily diet. The antioxidants alone are worth drinking this great beverage.

Taurine and the synthetic vitamins that are included in these drinks are the next ingredients we’ll discuss. Taurine is an amino acid that comes from meat and other proteins. Additionally, it occurs naturally in your body. You don’t need to take it in artificially.

The “vitamins” that they add to these drinks literally run right through you. Your body doesn’t have time to absorb them and you piss them out. If you want vitamins, eat fruits and vegetables. The benefits are much greater.

So, if you’re going to follow the advice offered in The Truth About Abs Free Download, you will stay away from these energy drinks. Natural, whole foods are much better for you and, if you’re serious about your health, it will be an easy decision for you to avoid these drinks and the damage they do to your belly.